• Chase Lions Townhouse

    Managed by Howard Property Management

  • Meetings are held on the second Wednesday every two months on odd months.  Location for the meeting is typically at Linden Hall. 

    Contact Howard Property Management at 410-313-8608 to confirm meeting if interested.

    Meeting Info

  • Architectural applications, guidelines and community documents are available for viewing.  Please note that these documents are not acceptable for resale disclosure.

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    Payment Mailing Address:
    PO Box 250
    Simpsonville, MD 21105


    Questions about account:


  • Assessment Information

    Assessments are payable quarterly (January, April, July and October).  The assessment rate for 2019 is $190 per quarter.  Statements reflecting the current assessment are mailed out monthly to reflect any balance owed. Payment can be mailed to Howard Property Management and all payments should include your account number to ensure that it is processed correctly.

    Optionally, owners can opt out of paper statements and enroll in electronic statements online at: Go Paperless

    Additionally, owners can also enroll to have the Association automatically process payments via ACH withdrawal or credit card. Enrollment can be processed via the attached form or online at: Enroll in ACH

    Payment of assessments via credit card can be processed securely directly through Howard Property Management via website at: Pay Assessment




    Important Info:

    Please include your account number when making a payment to ensure that your payment is applied to your account. 

  • Trash and Recycling Collection

    Trash is collected on Thursdays by Howard County and should be placed curbside no earlier than Wednesday evening.  Recycling is collected on Tuesdays by Howard County and should be placed curbside no earlier than Monday evening.

    Because of safety and aesthetic concerns, please remove empty trash cans and recycling carts or bins from your curb (or grouping area) on your scheduled collection day.

    All curbside yard trim service has made the transition to plastic bag free collection. Howard County reminds residents to bundle material, or use paper bags and reusable containers for yard trim collection.

    For more information on Howard County curbside collection and holiday schedule:



  • Snow Clearing Reminder

    The Association contracts with a provider in clearing the common area sidewalks  only.   Clearing of the roadway falls under the responsibility the county.  The association does have a contract in place for snow removal but this does not cover the roadway to be cleared by the county.  Remember that your county taxes pay for snow clearing of county roadways.  Should your community not be cleared in a timely manner, please contact Howard County Bureau of Highways.  For updated, general information concerning the Bureau's maintenance efforts, contact the Citizen Information Hotline at 410-313-2900, email ask@howardcountymd.gov and/or follow the Howard County Government Facebook page or Twitter handle.

    Any property abutting a sidewalk in a public right-of-way is responsible for removing snow from the sidewalk within 48 hours after the snow has fallen .    This means that any sidewalks in front of your home falls under your responsibility for clearing of any ice and/or snow.  Residents are also responsible for clearing of their parking space.   Neither the county or the association snow provider will clear any parking spaces of snow.  Please refrain from shoveling snow into the roadways.  Be respectful of people who shovel out their own parking spaces by doing your part to shovel out your own parking space as well. Please do not reserve your parking space with chairs or any other objects. 

  • Chase Lions Townhouse Association is currently managed by Howard Property Management.  

    Lorraine Horsley is the currently assigned property manager.

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  • Landscape Provider

    Mainscapes is the current landscaping and snow provider for the Chase Lions Community.  Any landscaping issues can be reported directly to the property manager.  However, should you need to contact them directly, Mainscapes can be reached at: 410-415-6050.