• Chase Lions Townhouse

    Managed by Howard Property Management

  • Meetings are held on the second Wednesday every two months on odd months.  Location for the meeting is typically at Linden Hall. 

    Contact Howard Property Management at 410-313-8608 to confirm meeting if interested.


    Meeting Info

  • Architectural applications, guidelines and community documents are available for viewing.  Please note that these documents are not acceptable for resale disclosure.

    Document Info

    Payment Mailing Address:
    PO Box 250
    Simpsonville, MD 21105


    Questions about account:


  • Assessment Information

    Assessments are payable quarterly (January, April, July and October).  Contact Howard Property Management for current the assessment rate.  Statements reflecting the current assessment are mailed out quarterly to reflect any balance owed. Payment can be mailed to Howard Property Management and all payments should include your account number to ensure that it is processed correctly.

    Optionally, owners can opt out of paper statements and enroll in electronic statements online at: Go Paperless

    Additionally, owners can also enroll to have the Association automatically process payments via ACH withdrawal or credit card. Enrollment can be processed via the attached form or online at: Enroll in ACH

    Payment of assessments via credit card can be processed securely directly through Howard Property Management via website at: Pay Assessment




    Important Info:

    Please include your account number when making a payment to ensure that your payment is applied to your account. 

  • Howard County Issue

    Howard County Government has a website to report any county issues.  You can report a downed county sign, a utility issue, alert authorities to graffiti, and countless other items.  Please note that many items within the community are association maintained.  Should you have a question regarding maintenance responsibility, please contact Howard Property Management.


  • Landscaping Provider

    Mainscapes is the current landscaping and snow provider for the Chase Lions Community.  Any landscaping issues can be reported directly to the property manager.  However, should you need to contact them directly, Mainscapes can be reached at: 410-415-6050.

  • BGE Lighting Outage

    Any street light outages can be reported directly to BGE.  BGE offers an online reporting system to expedite any lighting issues.  


  • Contact Us

     Any questions or concerns can be relayed to Howard Property Management. Office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8am to 6pm. Our early opening and late closing allows working individuals to contact us outside of their own work hours.  Howard Property Management will respond to emergencies when they arise. Please call 410-313-8608 and follow prompts to be connected to our after-hours response team. 

    • 410-313-8608
    • info@howardproperty.net
    • PO Box 250, Simpsonville, MD 21150
    • www.howardproperty.net
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  • Property Manager

    Please contact the property manager to handle any issues or concerns. Currently assigned property managers:

    Shanna Alsop

    Howard Property Management will respond to emergencies when they arise. Please call 410-313-8608 and follow prompts to be connected to after-hours response team. If a problem does not pose an immediate threat, just leave a message on the voicemail and Howard will get back to you during normal business hours.